Reaching Out

Reaching Out w/Hope

Hope typically manifests itself on two extremes within prison, 1. Unrealistic delusions; or 2. None at all. I do my best to find middle ground. I believe that you only get what you work for, I allow faith to serve as a motivator, but I like to believe that my faith is rooted in reality. This journey has been difficult to say the least, but it has yielded some beneficial rewards. I’ve sacrificed to educate myself & it has paid off. I’ve learned to finally accept my & be comfortable with who I am as a person(not an easy thing to do while in prison).

And now I’m learning to accept that I can’t continue this journey without help. I am truly one of the fortunate ones that still have family & friends on the outside, but I need mentorship & guidence now. I’ve been on lock for 25+ years now & I know that my future can be bright. I currently may have an opportunity to be released within the next few years(God Willing) & I know that I am far behind the 8ball, though I’m in a good place compared to most of my peers, I know I can’t continue this journey alone. Hope has encouraged me to write this, I’m willing to accept whatever you are willing to offer, prayers, will wishes, friendship etc… Stay blessed & continue to hope,


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