ready to connect

Ready to connect

What’s up ladies? Who out there is single and looking for a good down to earth man??A Lot of times women say they are looking for a good man or where are the good men.Well here I am staring you in the face!! I’ve been on this site for awhile and have not been successful in meeting a woman thats ready to connect which is shocking because I’m handsome, down to earth, educated and as long as you can look past my incarceration and not judge you have yourself a good down to earth man.

If you would like to build a true friendship that could lead to a beautiful relationship hit me up,I’ll be waiting to hear from you!!I invite all woman,race,and size because true beauty isn’t on the outside but with in and what’s in your heart. I hope that I can hear from you but until then take care of yourself and Happy Holidays…..Raymond

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