Prisoners are Human

Prisoners are Human Beings Too!

Most people from the outside world feel and think that all men or women who are incarcerated are the scum of the earth; from the heinous cases a prisoner is locked up for, to the inmates who get released and get jobs that those on the outside desire.

We need outside support and understanding for what we’ve gone through while incarcerated. From racial discrimination to the inhumane conditions we face, leading to life threatening diseases… so much of the outside world doesn’t know about it. They don’t know how much hell we have to endure. That we feel alone and are preyed upon because of our vulnerabilities creating mental despair and suicide rates at all time highs.

Most prisons don’t have the power to provide meaningful programs where inmates can finally change their mental & spiritual ways to find a true purpose in life. Programs where inmates can become better followers in order to become better leaders. Re-entry systems in most institutions are very low as if the system is set up for us to come back to prison instead of adjusting to society.

You see, there are inmates that are good at writing poetry. Prisoners who were former soldiers, paramedics, fitness instructors, entrepreneurs, etc. Some of these inmates found their talents while incarcerated, but don’t have that outside connection for them to flourish in the world. Inmates who have no family support could have hope to strengthen their talents, if they have outside communication that can bring that type of flame to ignite their confidence and keep them on the positive path towards their goals & talents in life. That’s why it’s important to have that special person from the outside world to open their heart and reach out whether by nonprofit organizations to religious & political leaders to visit the prisons witnessing what inmates are going through in life.

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