Have you ever been in a situation where you really wanted to just turn & walk away?

My pride has held me captive to myself for many years. I’ve finally realized as well as comprehend, that no one can make me do anything! Most of the trouble I’ve gotten into has been because I was too immature to put my pride to the side. The older I get, the more clear things become to me. Yes, I’m very prideful; however, these days I know which battles are worth standing up for & which ones are just foolish pride clouding my better judgement.

They say prison is a place for society’s unwanted outcasts. I view it as a place for me to fix the parts of me in need of repair. Pride being one of many things. I came in here as an 18 year old boy & now I’m a 35 year old man learning how to overcome, as well as, work through my trials and tribulations. All I know is… Pride will no longer be a setback for me. 

BIld av Sebastian Nikiel från Pixabay

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  1. Wow! I love the artwork. It definitely expresses what you feel. I admire your dedication to learning from your Mistakes and to being able to express it openly. Beautifully written/worded piece.

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