Just a Good Ole Country Boy

Just a Good Ole Country Boy

There’s more to life than just working and being productive such as my qualities of knowing how to cook great food, clean and enjoy spending time with kids as I have a daughter. Cleanliness is a must because I have OCD (haha). It’s just easier to live in a clean and organized environment. I didn’t graduate high school, but I received my GED and then got hands-on education in many trades, so I guess you can call me a handyman. Yes, I even know plumbing, but I’m not the guy with the butt crack showing type. LoL

The music I love the most is country and hip hop, but I’m open to anything new! I am partly bilingual, as I know a lot of Spanish so maybe you can make me from partly bilingual to completely bilingual by teaching me more if you wouldn’t mind. 🙂

You can’t be scared to ride or drive in big trucks, as I am a pickup truck type of guy.

Exercise is good for overall health, so I workout everyday by jogging and lifting weights. On the outside I enjoy mountain biking on trails to stay fit. There are these radio controlled gas powered cars that go 50-100mph that I enjoy racing in big fields. Maybe we can race one day?

On the weekends, I like to wind down by having a few beers and cooking over a camp fire along with playing corn hole. I quit smoking cigarettes and don’t do drugs, but I like drinking good quality beer. Never really liked hard liquor or drinking too much beer where I can’t function.

When there’s not much else to do, I love going on long drives and exploring new cities. If you want to message me quicker, go to GTL/ConnectNetwork.com and sign up. Then add me by looking up my name & ID#. Talk soon! 

BIld av Schocktime från Pixabay

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