Slow Jam

Play another slow jam

We’ve all seen or heard the typical stereotypes of prison life, some are true, most aren’t. Yet it seems to me that no one wants to see our humanity, especially the vulnerable side. During my 25yrs of incarceration across 4 different prisons from maximum to medium, one thing remains the same, Slow Jams! That’s right, slow jams. As an old head(40+) I tend to listen to the classics from the 70’s-90’s, constantly going back in my mind to the good ol’ days. Slow jam Sunday is mandatory, no matter your race, affiliation, hood, etc… we all lay back and chill on slow jam Sunday.

As a black prisoner I’ve come across one common classic slow jam album; One Way’s Push album. Even neo nazi’s had this album! Really! I hope One Way’s contracts were legit because they should be rich from IDOC! Latinos, blacks, whites and others, all had this one. Some of the most feared prisoners would fall back and groove to the classics, fall into deep thought and imagine better days, if only for a moment let the heart yearn for love. Slow jams, who knew that smooth R&B could tame the savageness of prison life. I wish you could hear the fierce debates over who has the best slow jams tapes/playlist(now that we have tablets). Hardcore killas slow jammed out! So play another slow jam and think of me, please.


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