Message of upliftment

Message of upliftment

Greetings, all. Its almost guaranteed that we’ve all endured a hardship or two, and some (if not most) have come through it, becoming better people while some have stayed who they were, and some becoming worse; however, this is something we all should know by now: “let go of ANY pain triumphed through because holding on continues to hurt you, causing you to hurt who and what’s around you”.

Besides, if you don’t let it go, you haven’t really triumphed ” through” it then, have you? Also know this – regardless of who you are when you get through pain, NEVER let it transform you into someone that becomes self-sheltered and pushes people away. Going through pain can make a person so defensive that they never open up again, or it will take years for them to do so; likewise, they become hyper-sensative where they search for red flags in things that could not possess any flags, and they get irritable about everything, causing dislike from others, ultimately pushing them away.

Do as i: any time negativity tries filling my head, the minute i realize it, i immediately think of something good, pushing that thought out. Likewise with my emotion, once I see I’m beginning to feel sad or angry. Do this enough, and eventually it becomes second nature to the point you’ll rarely be negative due to minimal or no negative thoughts or emotions. Seriously, it works. No therapy needed. Love you all, and blessings, selves! 🙂

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

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