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My Story – Rachelle Woodard #149146

On to the first case which occurred when I Rachelle Woodard was 16 when I was raped by a government agency my sexual rights were violated in 1994 by a officer. My second case in 2019 while I was in custody of Arizona Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department failed to follow the proper medical procedures by the Arizona State Law while I was in custody. I Rachelle Woodard was pregnant an was in pain which meant I was in labor an instead of them calling in ambulances they gave me a trash can to miscarry in.

These government agencies and their officers and they have been protected by their blue shields time and time again. Will you please help me tell my story? Help me so that others will not be afraid to tell theirs too.

Rachelle Woodard #149146A.S.A.P. Perryville San Carlos C11-44P.O. BOX 3700Goodyear Az. 85338

Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

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