Strength, character, & dignity are all admirable attributes, but motivation is the driving force behind the above stated. I’ve been incarcerated for 25yrs & counting & motivation is hard to come by. Despite the official mission statements of most DOCs(rehabilitation, corrections, programs etc…) most prisoners are looked at as worthless, subhuman throwaways unworthy of hope.

Yet we find a way out of no way! When I came to prison back in 1998 I wasn’t allowed to get my GED because I had too much time & I could read & write at an adult level. There were no programs available. With support from my family I earned my high school diploma & I pursue correspondence programs on my own. When programming became available I took full advantage, but my efforts were self motivated, my change came from within.

No system can rehabilitate you, only you can change you! I am not my worst moment & only I can define me! Love, hope, & faith fuels my motivation! Stay encouraging people, find your motivation!

Bless up!

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