"Loyalty Is Everything"

“Loyalty Is Everything” Pt 1

To many Loyalty is just a word. Not a lot of ppl really grasp wat dis one word actually means. Yea we can look it up in a Webster New World College Dictionary and you would find : 1)Quality, state, or instance of being loyal. 

2) An obligation of support & faithfulness to a person, government, cause, duty, etc. Now I’m NO expert on this but I do have Loyalty Is Everything tattoo across my chest so I may know a lil sumthin sumthin about this word Loyalty everybody is always throwing around Lol. 

In my opinion tho Loyalty is what separates us from being just a Friend or Related 2 some1 to actually embracing that person as Family. Because it’s already been defined that Blood isn’t what makes u family- No Blood makes u related. But that beautiful word Loyalty is wat makes u Family. 

U see once some1 has proven their Loyalty 2 u ur relationship becomes so Wonderful & Meaningful. Its like seeing some1 in a whole new light, I mean like colors that the human eye cant even begin to register. So when someone’s really Loyal 2 u u will know it by the love they give u. 

Remember Actions will always speak louder than words. But wat is Loyalty? Loyalty is that unconditional Love. That love & feeling where u look at ur child or closest person in ur life & in ur mind u say “There’s NOTHING I Wouldn’t Do For U. Right Or Wrong We In Dis Together 4eva”. 

Yea even when u are in the wrong they rockin wit u all the way in front of everybody. But when y’all back alone they gon get on yo ass & say ” u kno u was wrong but u my Boi/Girl so we in dis shit together but don’t do dat Fu shit no mo!” True story they gone always have yo back cuz they Loyal 2 u but also Loyal enough to pull u up when u need it… TO BE CONTINUED


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