Love & Respect

Love & Respect

I love a woman’s soft voice because it can heal my pain.

I love a woman’s skin because its smooth and flows.

I love a woman’s embrace because it comforts me and feels so exotic. An embrace I never want to let go of.

I love a woman’s slow kiss because its soft and makes me feel a way I can’t explain.

I love holding a woman’s hand because I love to show a woman that I care and that we are physically connected.

I love a woman’s smile and a woman’s eyes because they both hold me captive, a captivity that I enjoy and do not want to be freed from.

I love a woman’s body and the way a woman needs to be loved, from head to toe, from to back, a sexual love and healing that I never want to rush unless she needs my love rough or likes to be thug fucked. I know how to mix it up.

I respect a woman with a mind of her own, a woman with intelligence, because her intellect is more appealing to me.

I respect a woman’s body so every time I caress it I do it delicately with love and care never to mistreat it.

I respect a woman that respects herself, a woman that will never settle for less.

I respect a woman with strength, one that can be Ms. Independent but still knows how to let her man love, care, a comfort her, and she respects him, his power and his word to the fullest.

I respect and love a woman who knows her worth, a woman who’s a rider, a woman whose understanding, listens and who cares. A woman who knows how to sacrifice, that’s a woman that doesn’t hold back, a woman that do her with class.

That’s the type of woman I Need, Love and Respect!

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