claiming you

claiming you

Can’t get enough of you…

Girl you so freakin sexy, my lil freak who gets me,

And underneath the bedsheets, its like you and my piece are besties,

There’s some nights we dont get sleep, and all are sheets be messy,

Cause you get super wet when you be riding me like jet skis,

But ion mind it tho, you ride me pole, just like a bicycle, watching you is like a show, that i just keep rewinding tho,

You turn me on so much that i think that was the fourth time,

But that dont matter, come here girl let’s do it one more time…

I love to lie down with you, and eat you like the menu,

Then ima slide up in you, often as the night continues,

You’re all i like its been you, claiming you mine i dig you,

And ion mind it, when you hyping for this pipe i give you,

Cause its all you shorty, you know how i do shorty,

Down to do whatever, wherever, whenever you horny,

Nah i cant get enough of you because you just so fine,

And im bout to prove it, come here girl lets do it one more time…

Photo by Jason Abdilla on Unsplash

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