Love is....

Love is….

When you cherish and appreciate a person, when you don’t judge and accept a person for who they are, when you have a person’s back it doesn’t matter what obstacles they face in life. When you uplift, encourage, strengthen and motivate a person to enjoy life, so they’ll be happy everyday (even on bad days), when you communicate with a person and don’t judge & see the next person’s point of view with understanding…

And y’all communicate with understanding that y’all building and learning each other so y’all can properly love each other. When you respect, are honest, truthful, loyal, caring, thoughtful, appreciative and are committed to making that person you love happy… LOVE IS AN AMAZING FEELING and love is what I’m trying to give you. 


Your future friend Phinnieus (write me:)

Image by NoName_13 from Pixabay

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