Broken but Unbreakable

Broken but Unbreakable

Our criminal justice and prison system are so broken they’re unbreakable. Allow me to explain, our society and economy is so dependent on keeping individuals locked up that it is intrusive to rehabilitate or even help individuals get better. Millions of state and federal jobs are reliant on locking individuals up and keeping them locked up. If the system were to actually rehabilitate individuals they would essentially be putting themselves out of work! What sense does that make? Broken but unbreakable. 

Other countries start the rehabilitation process as soon as the individual comes through the door to ensure they become full participants of society. Recidivism rates remain low and society is better for it. Instead this country neglects individuals who come through the system and actually enable the same criminal behavior to continue. On top of that, numerous companies profit from the exploitation of individuals incarcerated which benefits the states to keep the prisons full.

Tax payers money is being wasted without an end in sight. States get paid per individual incarcerated, maybe it would be more productive if states got paid per individual rehabilitated? Every successful individual that makes it off of parole or probation without revocation. Then the system would take the rehabilitation process more seriously.

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