inside these walls.

Inside my head inside these walls…

Sitting here day in and day out wondering what society is doing, what society thinks of me and the people around me. Does society think I’m a bad person? Does anyone in society beyond my family know that I’m here? Does anyone in society even know of the struggles a prisoner has to go through while they are locked up? Does society think I should be punished further? What is an acceptable punishment for any crime? Does society know that most prisoners don’t have adequate health care or mental health treatment. Does society know that prisoners are fed crap for food but on a prison menu they use wonderful words like sloppy joes, jambalaya and sweet and sour chicken but yet our food is highly processed and comes in a boil to heat bag. Does anyone in society know that a simple letter or email through will brighten a guys day. Does anyone in society know that most prisoners need consistency in their lives and someone to help them obtain their visions? These are just some of the things inside my head inside these walls….. If you are one of these people in society who don’t know but want to learn more, please feel free to write to me and we can both figure out what’s going on in my mind….

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