I dream

I Dream

I dream,
I dream of a day of success, a day when poverty and struggle no longer exists in my life.
But it’s just a dream some say! An unreachable goal! They say I dream too BIG!
These are the words of a dreamless fool with no destination.
So I laugh, and hold fast — I hold fast to my dreams of ambition that will help me achieve my true mission, because I have a vision.

A vision that continuously stimulates my dreams and converts them into reality!
Because if my dreams die… I die! And my vision is lost forever leaving my wings as broken as a wingless bird that can’t fly or leave its nest.
These are the shattered dreams of a human being.
So I press on —- transforming my dreams into tangible concepts that become realistic for all eyes to bear.

So my dreams are no longer dreams, and I am no longer a bird with broken wings.
Look at me everyone! Yes, you! The man that doubted me!
You! The woman that said that I would be good at nothing! Yes, you! My so-called for friends that said I dream too big, and all of you that remain the same, dreamless fools with broken wings.
But look at me, as I soar through the skies because I kept my dreams alive! Because I refused to die! Yes! I am the dreaming bird that flies high.

My Dreams are alive.

Picture by Biljana Jovanovic från Pixabay

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