Good and Hard Ways

Through The Good and Hard Ways

I’ll start off by saying something about me: I live to represent the things learned through the good and hard ways. We can talk endlessly about the good things we learned from the teachings of our parents & others, to the never ending ways life gives us. 

Based on this we try to be the best version of us. Sadly the good is soon forgotten when a bad decision has been taken, bringing each of us to the circle of learning the hard way. It has a greater impact on us, because of the self inflicted pain. Together with the consequences and discipline or maybe we are learning from the obstacles, trials and events that life throws at us. Whatever it is our level of thinking must be greater to meet these challenges. 

Personally, I am constantly polishing my principles, values and teachings learned the good way. It strengthens my spiritual, emotional and mental state, bringing forth my personality & true condition of my heart. Through the hard way deeper things can be learned, rather if it’s an event, bad decision or obstacle. Any of these situations are unique to each of us, but the response are the same: sadness, anger, depression, frustration and so on… None of these emotions can change the situation, only the right attitude, approach & proper action does. This is what our current condition of life is fighting against.

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