Full Moon is in Gemini

Full Moon is in Gemini | November 2023

Welcome to Divinity Corner! BaKhuSaShekemAum here to help you navigate the energies from this month’s lunar cycle. This month the full moon is in Gemini. Gemini’s primary influence is communication and thinking. It’s governed by Mercury. The Moon’s energy affects our personality by generating behaviors such as superficiality, scattered mindedness, impatience… just to name a few. Let’s be daring and attempt to rise above the human to our divine aspects. 

We need to understand that our Self image is the conclusion we arrive at in describing what kind of being we are. So during this month of the Moon residing in Gemini, stay rooted in higher ground. Use your words to affirm and communicate to others, the divine attributes as the source of all that’s beneficial within. That our essence is unconditioned and infinite in its ability to give. Spread the word during your social interactions and more importantly try to live the aforementioned truths. 

If you’re interested in having an astrological, tarot or destiny reading…  please contact me via email on GTL | Gettingout or postal mail at the address provided. 

Remember, to know the Truth you must live it and to live it one must know it! Have a joyful day full of peace.

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