Full Moon in Cancer

Full Moon in Cancer – December 2023—January 2024

Welcome to the Mystic Corner! Here is a more esoterically inspired manifestation of the full moon in Cancer. With the moon pointing to our psychological functions, feelings and daily habits in pursuit of our security needs… This moon placement spiritually speaks to the nourishment of our soul. 

Our focus then should be on devoting ourselves to realizing our true, authentic self and the indwelling intelligences within. This moon reflects the faculty through which we work to elevate our devotion to uplifting our character, and caring for others to the highest levels of spirituality. 

As a symbol of the Mother Goddess… the nurturing, feminine and receptive aspect of the Universal Intelligence/Creator is the point in our being through which we express our devotion to things… our emotional identification. It reveals what we truly worship. Are we devoted to the pursuit of creature comforts that undermine our growth & development? Or are we devoted to developing spiritually? This is the time when we start the process of devoting our energy to sacrifice everything, so we can be a vessel, an avatar of the Creator on earth. In return, we will receive everything. 

Stay tuned for next month’s lunar cycle when the moon transitions into the sign of Leo.

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