Current Status

Current Status

So, there are federal rules and guidelines that strictly prohibit prolonged confinement in prison institutions. Yet, here in Pinckneyville Correctional Center, they have us on a 23 hour, 40 minute lockdown per day. Literally, we only get 20 minutes a day out of the cell! We were just notified that until further notice, we’ll have NO out of cell time!

This is a complete violation of the rules, and a complete f*ck you to the inmates’ well being, as well as their superiors’ laws. Any and everyone who sees this, PLEASE contact Illinois’ prison director and alert him to what’s taking place in his prisons. This type of nonsense actually happens on the norm without his knowledge in this state because they dislike that he originates from a different state, does not agree with their violation policies, and is african-american in a high position.

Even lower positions in this state most times aren’t privy to the violations in the prison system here, due to the administrations in the prisons not letting them know what’s happening. Yes, this state is that corrupt! Contact the state capital (Springfield) and alert them to these civil liberty violations immediately, PLEASE! We can’t even contact our lawyers, children, or even shower without time, out of the cell. We’re begging for outside assistance; they conceal our efforts of trying to alert ANYONE (yes, our families included) outside of here. Hurry someone, please!! 🙁

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