Shawn Hawkins

Hello, My name is Shawn Hawkins and I want to first Thank you for taking a minute to read about me. I can only imagine how many Ads/Profiles there are out there to weed through and consider. I’m not exactly sure what it takes to successful attract a Pen-Pal friend these days, or if there is some kind of special formula? So I will simply rely on just being myself. My reason(s) for placing this AD is because I would like to meet new and interesting people (even if you don’t think of yourself as being interesting). It is said that “everyone has a story to tell,” and if this is true, in which I believe it is. I would like to not only hear yours (for good or bad), but also share mine. This will serve as common ground. As for some of my interest, I am into all kinds of music, sports, exercising, reading, and meeting new people when possible. Most of all, I love Art!