Big Changes

Big Changes

Big Changes - Here is my update from inside the walls and wire. I have totally changed my ways of doing time. The only reason I can think of that I have changed so much is just that I'm getting older. I have been really trying to find ways to be self supporting and improve my future. I have totally stopped playing cards or any kind of gambling. I don't enjoy losing money. I enjoy making money. So instead of playing cards everyday, now I wake up and draw cards everyday.

I found a book written by a guy in here with me and it has resources in it to sell your artwork out there. so I will be working on a few big pieces soon to try and get a following and get my work out there. Besides that, I have taken on a huge challenge. I am utilizing the computer lab to progress through a computer programming course. I will finish this one then take another. After those are passed I am eligible to be signed up for the game design group.

I am not really interested in video game design. but that will help me better my knowledge and skill at writing code so that I can do what I AM interested in, which is app design and software development. so my days are pretty simple right now. I wake up, make my morning coffee, go to school/programming, come back, workout for a little bit, then draw for the night and listen to music.

I am switching between 2 good books right now at night before bed. one is "Atlas Shrugged" by Ann Rand (a personal Favorite!) and the other is "Overloaded" by Ginny Smith. It is about neurobiology and the chemicals that cause every emotion and movement in your body. with that I will sign off for now... I hope to hear from someone soon. I check my emails constantly.

Have a great day and remember to Pay It Forward.

  Photo by Luca Bravo on Unsplash

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