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Hello to everyone who comes to my page and reads this blog. I want to thank you for checking me out. Unfortunately, I haven’t had any luck on this site yet. I’m getting my case dismissed due to an unlawful conviction due to an non–unanimous jury conviction. 

What do I plan to do when I get out? I plan on starting a pen pal business. I’m a computer geek who builds apps on the street. I’m looking for friendships & possibly a girlfriend to spoil… And love her & make her my priority. 

We have an email device called GTL | Gettingout.com. You can add yourself to my contacts. Add some funds to respond to my messages. INSTANT MESSAGING! 🙂 

So any of you as single women looking for a man… I’m your man. Also, any couples looking for friendship, well, I’m open to all friendships. I’m nervous because my attorney said I’ll be out in 2024, so I’m nervous. I need some support to calm my nerves. Write me! I will respond to anyone who writes me. 

Much love & respect!

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