Two Loves

Two Loves….

I don’t know how to explain this,

Breaking it down so it’s painless,

But i was lock down in them cages,

And wasn’t around for some ages,

So when i got out of them state digs,

Yea i was a hound when i date chicks,

Taking them out different places,

Then i’d be gone after rounding the bases,

Can’t even count all the faces,

How many taste this,

Then i met you and i found me some greatness,

Tried to be faithful but i still stayed at her house on occasions,

Now i don’t know how ima say this,

So i don’t sound like an anus,

But i love you and i love her,

And I know that route can be dangerous.

You know I love you….

But I love her too…

Photo by Womanizer Toys on Unsplash

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