The Voice of the voiceless

The Voice of the voiceless

Upon release I plan to establish and build a platform where I can use my voice to bring awareness to the struggle behind the walls and beyond the walls. I plan to be The Voice of the voiceless for the corruption, the injustice, and the suppression of growth for anyone currently incarcerated. The judicial system is broken and I have experienced it for myself.

I have pursued growth, education and rehabilitation for myself. During incarceration when I was doing everything that is frowned upon I was crowned and glorified within the prison system. The moment I found a mentor and pivoted in a different direction of self educating , self enrichment and working on myself in a positive manner is when the system behind these walls began to target me, exile me, blockade me, and blackball me from advancing for myself and for others.

With being a year away from freedom, I want to use my testimony to bring inspiration and motivation to those who view the incarcerated as a lost cause.

I crashed my motorcycle and my girlfriend was on my back and we were chased by the police and I crashed. She passed away and I was given 9 years. The officer who chased me was fired and I just found out. I have won my appeal. I am in the supreme court awaiting to go back to court, look my case up for yourself and see the craziness.

In my 6 years of incarceration I have used this time to educate myself, work on my mental health, and get myself ready to come home and achieve every dream I ever had, turning them into a reality is what I now live for. Losing my Nana, my lil brother, my girlfriend are what give me my motivation and my drive to prove every statistic wrong and pave the way.

I just want to make my Nana, Sara and my lil brother proud of the man I’ve become <321

Peace, Love, Happiness


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