spring season

spring season

spring season is official this year

and even though where I am at with snow in piles higher than I am tall. I am loving the new beginning of the year.

I was recently moved to a minimum work camp in South East Idaho, St Anthony. right by Island park and west Yellowstone. and it’s a BEAUTIFUL part of the world to be at.

I hope to soon get a job working at one of the farms or factories in the area.

It’s cramped with Lots of people. and the guards like nitpicking on minor rules. but I am optimistic and thinking this will be a blessing.

Right now I am working on trying to get my friends and family to mail me some good work boots and some stuff to hold me over until I can work and earn my own way through my time I have left.

write me a message, I would love to hear from you and make a friend to talk to. Before I got here I traveled a lot. so have been on my own and alone

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