Shooting Star

Shooting Star

What’s up everybody?

It’s okay to laugh at my photo. It’s been a long journey.

I’m searching for loyal friends. I know you’re out there. I’d like to buy you a drink, whaddaya have? Water, coffee? Ha! you thought something else! Maybe next time!

Did you have a drink for New Years?
I had Cool-Aid and it didn’t take long to sober up. Ha! If I did get a letter or response from you, I pop bottles of champagne but I don’t have access to that here. Funny to imagine though.

Do you know anything about adoption? If you adopt me I will good. Ha! I’m waiting for my shooting star. Shooting stars are difficult to catch but in trying with or without you, you are a star, (u-r-a-*)!

I’m looking for a female negotiator, one who looks like you. This place is worse than a hangover without you. We can’t waste time. I’m getting older babe! Ha! Think about all the guys you rejected. Ask yourself, was that because you’re saving yourself for me? Ha! Am I one of your favorite prisoners yet?

I like signs and symbols artwork. Instead of writing on a scroll, you draw on a scroll. This would make slick summer T-shirts if you have it done in color. This can mean a few things, you put a photo of you and one of your friends in the middle of the shirt and recopy the drawing.

Most females don’t find the person at first. Don’t give up! You keep firing your love until you find what your looking for.

2nd meaning, have you seen that movie “Top Gun” ? Can I be your “Top Gun” ? Ha! Will you think on it? I was hoping you’d say, Yeah, I wanna fly with that pilot. Ha! I hope you like it.

The angel drawing is my way of asking you will you be my little piece of heaven on this earth? Can I be the tattoo on your heart in a friendly way?

I like lots of music, but I’m pointing you to this song, “Save Me” by Jelly Roll. People say it’s sad or depressing but it’s how you look at it. He says, “Save me an I’ll hold on to anything that sets me free”.

I don’t feel like I’m doing time with your friendship. I’d have a
peace of mind. Purple kisses by the Dream goes with the scroll drawing. Hot, Hot!

PS. Top Gun Earth Angel

Air hug to you all

Photo by Thomas Bennie on Unsplash

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