Pressing My Rack

Pressing My Rack

Right now it’s 8:30p.m and I’m pressing my rack which means layin on the top bunk of this state bunk bed and I find it so interesting that I’m able to express myself in a raw and uncut way wit the Potential and Possibility to Impact & Influence $omebody’s Life in a Positive way and Inspire somebody who resides thousands of miles away.

I feel we all Need $omebody or $omebody’s that we can connect wit in a Deep,Rich and Authentic way and just exchange Productive, Powerful and Profound energy. It’s never about where you are at and Always about who You are deep within.I’m a $tudent of Life so I love learning about different people,places,things and cultures.

I’m truly excited about this platform because I have an optimistic & open mind and heart so this opportunity will be embraced and enjoyed to the fullest so I’m gon pump my brakes for now and continue to press my rack,so if you find me interesting or intriguing on any level then get at me wit no hesitations,procrastinations,fears or worries and we’ll build a $olid Foundation from scratch.
Respectfully Real & Raw Mark
Dreams & Prayers come True $o Trust & Respect the Process.

Mark Horton #440-516
M.C.I. P.O.Box 57
Marion, Oh 43301

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  1. I like that you are a student of life. I feel like once I lose the passion to learn, it’s over for me. So many people just want to stay in their little bubble and never reach inside for something deeper. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts.

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