There’s people that I know from school, work and prison. 2012 made an impact on my life just like the Aztecs had predicted, lucky for me I was prepared for 2013. It was difficult not to make a scene in 2014, all celebrities were now on Instagram. Since I was born in the 80’s I’m an internet pioneer… I remember 56k. I’m pretty sure that I went viral in 2015, because my name ended up in the newspaper the “The Press-Enterprise”.

After spending 8 years behind bars, I believe that serving time has better shaped my future. Sure, it’s a rough place, but with a little attention one can come to understand. If you can’t find something that you’re looking for God can really point you in the correct direction… it is magic. So from 2012-2015 I didn’t really know that I was a work in progress, jumping multiple levels. It takes time for the dust to settle, I can’t believe it has been 10 years since 2013. This is insane!

Toltec Warrior Incognito

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