I need help

I need help

I’ve been getting to know myself and most would say I’m narcissistic! I don’t agree with that at all but I tried to see things from a different way. I have a girl who means the whole world to me… her name is Jenni and she’s from Finland. I love her with everything in me and I’ve made mistake after mistake. I’m not perfect at all, not even close but it’s like she really expects me to be.

I was able to find love with her but the distance is killing us… I admit I was cold to her at times but when you’ve been incarcerated for almost 20 years it’s  harmful to find the warm spots. Now once again I’m going through it with her… she’s signed off my email account and will not answer my calls. I need help with getting her back so does anyone have any advice for me???

Photo by Nick Herasimenka on Unsplash

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