I Hear Ya

I Hear Ya And I Feel Ya

This is for the ladies that goes through life’s troubles,
you’re not alone, self doubt and anxiety in life has just doubled. Politicians had passed laws to cripple a woman’s mind, spirit and body. Now a woman’s mood level went from sunny to cloudy, the world don’t know the pain and isolation that dwells in her heart, I hear ya… us prisoners understand the struggles women faces from the start.

My wife went to Boston to try to be a hero. Took a bullet to her dome for her brother. Empowered life went from high to zero. My sister was assassinated by the man she loved, I became a pill junkie, dark depression pulled me away from the Creator above. Close to being released my Big Mamas had died six months apart. My best female friend felt the wrath of Covid Virus. Cancer rapidly travelled in her body, she passed… I was succumbed to tragic crisis.

I respect a successful independent woman who knows her purpose in life. Never let a broke, immature man bring her down… she knows how to spiritually and mentally fight. I had a tough life, hair falling out, grayness embraced my beard and hair. I pray ya feel me! Loneliness is my best friend in prison, assuming that no one cares.

Love herself, respect herself, she knows the Queen’s Code. When she achieves her destiny and dies, she would complete the realest story she ever wrote.

My heart is pure platonic and ardent love is what I yearn for. My enlightened self, understanding a woman’s potential is what I want to achieve and more. Know that I am real and I seek her heart, please hear me and feel me, because I’m truthful from the start.

You can contact me at PrisonFriendship.com or JPay.com. (Keith Mustin #505-112) God Bless!

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