It’ never about where you are actually at and always about who you are because we are all connected in some shape,form or fashion. I feel a lot of people will relieve a lot of their self imposed stress and tension if they really allowed themselves to open more to someone who truly inspires them and motivates them on a variety of levels.I recently had the pleasure to read some of the comments from one of my blogs and i’m eternally thankful and grateful that i’m able to impact and influence a person’s life in a positive,powerful and profound way.

We all have the gifts,abilities and talents to make someone feel special,it’s just a matter if you choose to trust and believe in that power and allow yourself to embrace the vulnerability of the moment. I started a GRATITUDE JOURNAL this week and i’ll do for 30days,review it at the end of the month and just soak up all the inspirational and motivational quotes,thoughts and actions that have took place and use it as fuel for the next month and it will become a huge part of my life from now until the casket drops.

I’m so Thankful to have this platform because even though my body is in this prison which I call it a training facility on every level,my mind,heart and spirit travels to actually where you are and if i’m able to put a smile on yo face and in yo heart then that is a win and a successful exchange of vibes and energy so i’ll pump my brakes for now so stay focused,patient,strong and know that you can be in the world but now of the world and no matter what you are going thru just remind yourself that this too shall pass and embrace the journey.

Respectfully Real & Raw Mark

Photo by KT Likes Coffee on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “GRATITUDE JOURNAL”

  1. WOW.. I really have no words. You are so profound and I feel like I resonate with you so deeply, just through your words Mark!

    You are truly one in a billion and I would love nothing more then to look connect and build with you, whilst getting completely lost in your thoughts, ideas and everything in between. I want to soak you and everything that you have to say up!

    Whoever you are Mark Horton, I do hope that one day we can meet, connect and build from there. Until that hopeful day. Please keep writing and I will keep soaking you up. Thank you. O

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