Gettin way warmer down here

Gettin way warmer down here

Hey world, how’s it goin..gettin way warmer down here (bout time!) Handling as much business on my end as possible, school..lil church and hitting the yard everytime the door opens..pretty close to my ideal physique(tom hardy in warrior) ..just need to seriously focus on glad that covid lockdown is over ..that 18months lockdown was hell in a hell..back to my world weight now..more muscle tho and feeling great..couple people been hitting me up from my past..was kinda cool actually..some kinda ..i dunno forgot who tf i sometimes treat me like a stranger..i dunno..shit weird..prison weird and everything that’s a part of y’all keep me posted on the changes going on out there .i watch the news to stay up to date an all..but i know the p.f. public got the real scoop


Photo by Irina Iriser on Unsplash

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