Creating Muzik from A Cell

Creating Muzik from A Cell

I have overcome every obstacle or challenge one could face being behind these walls. You can follow my IG page: D4M_Murda44K and subscribe to my YouTube Channel Murda M44K. Please share my music with everybody. You can also find my music on every platform available. I’ve worked with artists E-Mozzy, Mitchy Slick, LiL Dallas, Big June, RG, Whitebody Chalk, 100 Shot Soltize, etc.

My objective is to work with ppl who are motivated and turn my negative story into a positive one. Music is my passion, but I also have a real love for it. I started my own LLC last year called Double foe Mobb and have worked hard to turn my dream into a reality.

Photo by Simon Noh on Unsplash

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