Changes & upgrades


Cash App: $PFpenpal

We are also offering extra features for our members:

Changes and upgrades

  • Extra Text (50 words) $2.99
  • Add a Blog $4.99
  • Add a Photo/ Artwork $4.99
  • Photo/ Artwork Change $4.99
  • Bio text change (max 250 words) $5.99
  • Videogram (if applicable by institution) $9.99


  • Basic Ad (6 months) $5.99
  • Basic + Ad (1 year) $14.99
  • VIP Ad (1 year) $24.99

1.) Attach photos with the membership application.

2.) You can send photo(s) with DOC # to our email:

3.) Your friend or loved one can send hard copies via US Postal Mail OR

4.) They can take a photo(s) on their institutional email (when applicable) and send it to us. All they have to do is send us an invite or add us on their contact list to submit it. When we have their photo(s) and receive payment in full, we will process & upload their profile to our platform. Hard copy photo(s) will be returned.

1.) Make your payment through PayPal, either by your PayPal account or with your bankcard. If you choose this option, we ask that you mail us the inmate’s name and DOC # to the e-mail address stated below. We can not process your profile without this information.

2.) Pay by Cash App. If you choose this way, don’t forget to add name, DOC #, state and what the payment is for. If we don’t receive this information, we won’t know who and what it’s for. We don’t have time to send back payments done without relevant information and therefore your money will be lost. Our Cash App is: $PFpenpal

3.) Your friend or loved one can send us an institutional check or money order through US Postal Mail. When we receive payment in full, we will process their profile. They must indicate what the payment is for with their name and DOC #.

We appreciate you and thank you for using our service.

Mailed Payments/ Photos Should Be Sent To:

PO BOX 24481
Dayton, OH 45424

Here anyone can read and download our brochure