Carry on

Carry on Wayward Son

I was twenty-six when I got arrested. I felt anger and sadness when I was being handcuffed. Sadness not for myself, but for my family. My brothers, my Dad and Mom, they needed me. They needed me and I let them down. I’m the oldest of four brothers. It kills me that I can’t be there for them. I did over two years in the Will County Jail fighting my case. All the while my family praying for my release. I lost. I was sentenced to 18 years in IDOC.

I didn’t just lose my case, I lost my family. I haven’t seen my family in five years. I miss them so much it hurts. I help out with what I can. I wish I can do more for them, but money is hard to come by. I will be there for them when I get out, but for now I need to work on myself: Mind, Body and Soul. I study. I have a math tutor. I exercise daily and I’m now a servant of Allah.

I will better My Life, Mind, Body and Soul, so upon my release I’ll be beneficial for my family and community. Prison is stressful and hard. I seek companionship outside this prison. Covid made shit more stressful. I lost My Father to Covid. If you lost someone and need someone to talk to… I’ll talk to you.

BIld av S. Hermann / F. Richter från Pixabay

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