Be Safe!

I was talking to friends about what’s going on in the world with the virus that has people scared and wondering how is this going to end

I realize that we are all scared of getting sick and possibly dying, no-one wants neither. But I have witnessed from first-hand the destructive effect of this virus.

People, this virus is the beginning and the end of life as we knew and lived it. As I lay praying for this ailment to leave my body, brothers laying around me crying for God to take the pain away or for death to come suddenly. I knew then, that to survive this we have to take every precaution to make it through the next wave of covid-19.

I see the White House and the Ohio governor on the TV spilling there version of this pandemic, and I am shocked and appalled that we’ve allowed ourselves to be burdened by stupidity and put our lives in the cross hairs of the reaper, shit they’ve known about this since last November. Now they tell us, wow!

I’m not ready to die, even though the government wants me dead, by any means.

I refuse to give them that satisfaction. I’m for my life and I’m praying for yours. No matter the lengths they go please take precautions to make sure that your health is not compromised by wanting to get out of the house to break monotony of losing your mind for being locked in your home for this long period of time. I’ve been in the this toilet for a total of 32yrs, so I know how you feel trapped like a rat in a cage. put your health and safety first, that’s all that matters.

Be mindful of the people around you and their actions, because you’re responsible for you and them. and I hope you take this virus very serious, because it’s your life on the line, so please cherish every moment, whether on lockdown in your homes or out and about.
As Sade would say, (cherish the love ) of your every breath. Don’t let boredom kill you!
Mask & gloves and be safe!!

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