A Designers life

A Designers life ( My obsession)

Throughout my life I have been on the rise and I want to tell you that today is a good day to boss up. To me energy means a lot confidence is attractive. It’s how you carry yourself and how you help people out. When I say “turn up for a check” I want people to know that it stands for something. I appreciate all stepping stones but I love owning my own thing. 

I’ve been kind of speed dating in search of the right business partner! I’m looking at manner factoring the quality of products and fabrics where will the clothing be made and how will it be packed? Someday I’d like to create a full fashion line. In the meantime I’m hands-on with the creation of the brand I’m building I have to have merch that I would wear. It shouldn’t look like the typical slap that the brands name on a random T-shirt I try to be more than a designer more like a walking business model for me designing has become an extension of my life besides where others see hurtles 

I see opportunity and you should too I look up to people like Jhenè Aiko, Grande, Viehlani. All powerful women out there. I’m also always amazed by Jay Z and his development of his business in order to be Husely creative on a consistent basis you have to really focus on that but it’s very rarefied air that you actually branch out and develop other businesses and still stay incredibly focused and creative to my friends keep repping do it to the death of me X in the box- cause ain’t nobody checking me. ✅ I love you for life ❤️

Dominic Miller


Photo by Surja Sen Das Raj on Unsplash

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