Marvell Fisher

Marvell Fisher # K89892

Hi everyone! My name is Marvell Fisher K89892. I’m from Chicago, Illinois. I grew up in Cabrini Green Projects where the infamous movie “Candyman” was filmed. I’m incarcerated for a crime that has been imposed upon me by obnoxious people. I’ve been incarcerated since May 10th, 2011. I’m currently on …

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Frank Acosta

Frank Acosta # R25710

Hey…. Just wanted to say that life is beautiful no matter what your situation is. If you woke up today, you’re blessed. I’ve been in & out of prison most of my life. I’ve been shot twice by Chicago police. My life is like a romantic-gangsta movie. I’ve even recorded …

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Eric Hill

Eric Hill # M24803

What’s up? My name is Eric, but my friends and family call me OT. I’m from Chicago, IL born and raised. I’m 6’0″, medium’s build and I love to work out. It’s a daily ritual for me. I’m into healthy eating habits, I try my best in here anyway. I’m …

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