Rodney Hardy

Rodney Hardy # 045659

Hi,My name is Rodney I’m looking for friendship, as I continue my slow journey to win my freedom.I’m very open-minded and nonjudgmental, with a broad personality, who loves to smile and make others feel comfortable and smile to!I’m curious and eager to learn new exciting things, and I’m open to …

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Anthony Barclay

Anthony Barclay # 124486

You can message me right now on under Idaho Inmate Anthony Barclay #124486 you could be instantly improving me life. I’m an outgoing, old soul, adventurous, type of guy. That being said i would like to broaden my perspective by corresponding with someone outside my current situation in life. …

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Deon Powell

Deon Powell # 228263

Hi! I’m Deon. Thanks for taking the time to check me out. After 16 years inside these walls, I figure it’s time to find some friends outside of them. Despite my current situation, I’m a good guy. I’m just looking for the opportunity to my good qualities. I have no …

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Avion Eddy

Avion Eddy # 342332

Hello! My name is Avion Eddy. Nice to meet you!Seeking People Who Believe in Second Chances!!!Hey! Tag your it come get me. I’m getting out in 2023. You can tag me back by sending me and email. Go to, enter my first name and last name along with my …

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Haneef Epps

Haneef Epps # 334133

Hello my name is Haneef Epps, l decided to join the Prison Friendship world to meet interesting people. As you can imagine, being in prison, does not offer you the most stimulating conversation, and it is rare to find positive people that can help change my world for the better. …

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Levi Jackson

Levi Jackson # 103112

I’m a dinosaur, extinct, lost to history, they don’t make people like me anymore. When someone old me that I laughed. I don’t feel like a dinosaur, and my front arms aren’t short and stumpy–go ahead and look, I’ll wait (insert jeopardy music here). See, normal arms, not a dinosaur. …

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