Edward Smith

Edward Smith # 17023-028

Lonely, looking for friendship & a real connection! Aspiring to become a welder. Currently enrolled in classes to become a Drug & Alcohol Counselor. I’m a spiritual philosopher, musician, singer, songwriter, guitarist, poet & romantic who wears his emotions on his sleeve.I plan to enter welding full-time upon release. With …

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Kristoffer Morris

Kristoffer Morris

Hi my name is Kristoffer Morris and I am looking for a good friend! Please don’t contact me if you are into playing games. I don’t need much but a trusting friend with a carrying heart that’s it! I don’t need any money for phone calls or anything else I …

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Glen Joy 2023 1 ~ Prison Friendship ~ Glen Joy # 344835

Glen Joy # 344835

Happy Holidays To All… Hi, I’m Glen, I’m looking to meet and make new friendships with people of all walks of life. I’m getting out in the next couple years so I figured now would be a good time to reach out and start building some new and solid friendships. …

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John Gentry

John Gentry # 1371372

When dealing with hardship of incarceration, loneliness tends to find often and easily. It takes a genuine person to befriend someone in an adverse situation without alternative motives. I could use a genuine friendship that stands the test of time.  My name is John, but almost everyone in my life …

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