Welcome to Shawn Hawkins Art Gallery:

Shawn Hawkins, a native of Ohio. Self-taught as an artist, and someone who always had an obvious interest in art as a kid; whether he was doodling in school notebooks, on school desks, or the walls of his childhood home, he was constantly developing his drawing skills. It wasn’t until 2008, that Shawn picked up his first paintbrush and began a relationship with art that would change his life, which continues to this day. With a used tray of old watercolor paint, and not knowing a thing about it, he ventured into the world of art in a whole new way. From watercolor, he endeavored to take on the medium of oil, and that’s when the love of oil painting really started to flourish. He has painted primarily in oil ever since; dabbling in acrylics and other things along the way.

The truth about Shawn Hawkins art, is that this has been a kind of saving grace in his life. It has been through some of the darkest and most challenging periods of his life while on death row that his gift (and love) for painting was discovered. Family and friends aside, art was the one beautiful thing that rivaled the ugliness that had engulfed his life for so long and gave way to an avenue of artistic expression that afforded him a sense of freedom from his physical circumstances. It was through the act of painting that Shawn found meaning and value in his voice; in his life. His gift continues to unfold and gives way to the unexpected. He invites all art lovers (artist and non-artist alike) to check out some of his artwork and become part of the experience with him. He welcomes you to contact him via his profile page or at, if you have any questions or would simply like to discuss matters of art.

Shaw Hawkins has his own website if you’re interested in purchasing some of his skillfull art. Visit the website Shawn Hawkins Art if you want to know more.