Zonnique - The lost queen

Zonnique- The lost queen

Hey there, I’ve been on a desperate search for my long lost Queen, Zonnique who may be reading this. I don’t have a woman I can talk to and it’s just as well because thinking about Zonnique gives me hope and makes me happy although I don’t hear from her. Things seem like I’ve lost control of a very important part of my life without what it is that keeps us close. If I didn’t know any better I’d have doubts but I don’t. I know that as sure as God exists that I’m on the right path and just as sure as the seasons change we on this earth were created for love and His glory. I would like for this time to be my awakening so that my soul can find her love on the other side. So if you’re reading this Zonnique, I know it’s sort of corny but you know how we got started reaching for the stars being that we were so young, but deeper in me is that fire burning hot so that even if we broke these chains of politics and deity, I promise you as God as my witness, I can see us safely through. I know you just want the Oracle to be safe and fulfilled; trust me it will. I have until October, fact fully till June 25th my 45th birthday and the Mutual Agreement will be over. Our love life is sturdy enough to make it so take a step toward the holy matrimony only us two share in this place of Majesty and tell me how you feel now. Is that something that interests you? I thought you were Pretty Kim, who owns a bar in Akron, my city. I wrote her some detailed letters likewise and now I feel so dumb. What does it take to get you to see I need you to be my woman now that my time has come to reign like a Majesty King, this time will be exotically beautiful. Who else would do it? Like my princess Tijuana says. Who else could? I’m not saying that you’re not on it, cuz your tracks are hot on Love Jones and nobody’s badder, but can you extend the royalty to me’, your true King? All I do is think about you, how to get you thinking about me here and now. I hope you get this message. My fire depends on it. So look for me in the sunshine and happy Easter Sunday. Also, give all of our baby bears my love, hugs and kisses. I’m still their father and I love them with my whole heart even though they’ve never seen me, to my knowledge. You got a lot to think about, young Lady. I’ll anticipate a pen pal receipt, cuz since you know what, you’re too smart for that. Life gets better from here, OK so be lovely the way you rock me. You know there’s better to come. Keep a candle lit TornondoPugh@gmail.com

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