Poverty stricken. Youngman

Misunderstood. Youngman

Misguided. Youngman

With A mother who is only a child herself, how can she raise a youngman.

The strugle is real. Its all around me.

I was set up to fail; Death or Prison.

They both seem to be only a step away.aa

But i’m only a Youngman.

I didn’t ask to be in this world.

Why did she do this to me.?

Where is my father.? Did he not know I needed him.?

It has to be something better than this.!

Its dark and i don’t know the way.

I have to do something though.

Drugs.? Sex.? Murder.?

My vision is Clouded, is this my reality.?

How long can I continue to struggle to survive.

I dont think im going to make it.

Somebody help me im loosing it.

im a youngman i can only take so much.

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