Words are Powerful

Words are Powerful

By Heriberto Quezada

Have you ever heard the saying “Actions speak louder than words”?

In a way that might be true, and all of us would like to see “Actions” before words, just to know if someone is really serious about what he/she is talking about. I want you to know that “Words are Powerful” and very important in our everyday lives. We need them to communicate with one another whether it’s by reading them off a piece of paper or by hearing them being verbally spoken. Thinking about it words can either make you feel emotionally happy, angry, sad etc. If your Mother tells you “I love you” it puts a smile on your face because it’s not just coming from a random person. It’s coming from a special person that’s a part of your life. Who brought you into this world and raised you as well as your father. When we listen to our favorite artist’s music, it puts us in a good mood. So much that we even memorize all the lyrics to the songs. Remember “Words are Powerful” and you should choose them wisely.

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