wondering ''Why''

wondering ”Why”

Peace…. I’m constantly wondering ”Why” are things the way they are! Is there anyone who just questions Everything…..and cannot find any answers! Look at what’s going on around you…..why is it happening?
I’m in a sea of people dressed exactly like me! I have the feelings of nausea! 11years, I’ve been trapped in the belly of some beast! 11years…after this is over I’m only wanting to head toward the mountains and possibly hide mySelf! I don’t need much, as I am a Plain and Simple man! Anyone who chooses to travel with me….into these mountains….. shouldn’t mind becoming Lost, to search for themSelves, and trying to obtain the limits of who and what they are, and what they bring to this Earth!, when we don’t understand things, we can’t simply fill in blanks with the word ”God”!, we must embrace the facts of Not being allowed to know…and become comfortable, with, no knowing…so that we can continue to progress ahead!
Situations provoke certain thoughts…..is there Anyone who just questions ”Why”…….
I’ve got 35-months left…….!

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