Woke and Repentant

After Four Hundred Years of enduring the most inhumane treatment any human being on this planet has ever suffered through. We still stand strong and humble African American Women, Together as a Family and a Community. I realize that the Creator of the Heavens and Earth, Our Creator has made this possible. Today Black Women, I come before You and God in a Spirit of Repentance, Praying for Forgiveness, because of my negative ways of thinking, that are directly linked to Four Hundred Years of Oppression, Miseducation and Abuse. God, from Your Word I have grown as a Man, Human Being. Learning the true knowledge of self, place in this world and my community. By drawing closer to you My God and Creator. I draw closer to My Mother, Sisters and Friends. Black Women. Whom You have placed on this earth for me a Black Man as a companion. Please accept my humble repentance and touch the heart of the women that read this, I will cherish that Friendship with Respect, Honesty and Love. Amen. I put this positive energy out in the world, for our friendship to get a good foundation . What do you think? If interested please contact me. My love is timeless and unconditional!

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