My thoughts…

It’s not easy trying to reinvent ones self after being so close minded and limiting myself for so long. The first half of my life I let myself down believing that I was what I was told Instead of aspiring to reach greatness. It’s taken me a long time to let go of pain and mature and now that I have I truly believe that my level of success has no limits. The bad thing about coming to these conclusions is that they had to come at a hell of a price. Without me being where I am and experiencing what I have I would not be who I am today. Where I come from there are not to many success stories, but now I see that success is a reward of hard work and determination. Me as a black male I have to accept that my biggest obstacle my biggest hurdle in life is me. I am who I decide and will only become me from the choices I make and the actions I take. We can always place blame somewhere, but in the end it all comes back to one question who do you believe you are? Just my thoughts for today

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