Be honest.
Have good values and integrity.
Be a mentor.
Help others.
Give away a book.
Stay committed.
Finish what you start.
Be a good listener.
Don’t take things personally.
Don’t make assumptions.
Be impeccable with your speech.
Always do your best.
Eat healthy.
Take vitamins.
Drink water.
Exercise 4 days a week.
Sleep 8 hours a day.
Do yoga.
Read. Study. Learn.
Be kind.
Love animals.
Pick up trash.
Serve your community and all people.
Be a person of value.
Encourage people.
Be generous.
Save 10%.
Go to church.
Greet people.
Invite people to church.
Stick to your plan.
Do important things first.
Be happy, smile.
Listen well.
Open doors for people.
Say please and thank you.
Be appreciative.
Ask questions.
Be bold as a lion, yet respectful.
Be patient.
Always be loving.
Save dogs.
Be kind to animals.
Visit jails, prisons, hospitals, nursing homes, and treatment centers.
Believe in yourself.
Write down goals and post them until accomplished.
Have a dream list.
Use a ”TO DO” list.
Ideas. Action. Commitment.
Give away shoes and sports balls to children in need.
Spread hope.
Enlarge your vision.
Be optimistic.
Call a friend.
Call a relative.
Learn from others.
Have fun.
Do favors.
Be on time.
Go to seminars.
Finish strong.
Carry a book with you.
Read everyday.
Stay focused.
Be loyal and honest.
Lift people up.
Develop a positive routine.
Be patient.
Exercise your mind, read, learn new things.
Be slow to anger.
Steer your mind, don’t drift.
Give freely.
Accept responsibility.
Forgive others.
Refresh others.
Say what you mean and follow through.
Share good news.
Keep your word.
Be a good friend.
Impact others in a positive way.
Be a positive role model.
Believe in others.
Accept challenges.
Go the extra mile.
Enjoy new things and the process of learning.
Be pragmatic.
Seek understanding.
Make a difference.
Become wise.
Take action.
Use your talents.
Share in the joys of others.
Learn. Teach. Do.
Appreciate life.
Be social.
With proper action, anything is possible.

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