TV, Rape, and Females

TV, Rape and Females

I am having a hard time understanding TV shows and movies that place an act of rape in there. For the writers, it is your scripts that play into this devastating act. Why? Why? Help me understand. You can’t. Maybe I am one of those people who believe if you do not see it, it doesn’t exist. Well, I am not. Hopefully there are people out there that are as like minded as me, that can’t watch a female getting raped. If there ever comes a day that I would get the chance to see a writer that has placed a devastating act of rape in a movie that I watched, enjoying myself… eating a snack and bam there it is. I am like damn! I turn off my TV, sitting there pissed off in the dark. I am going to given them am piece of my mind without telling them why. If they asked, I’m going to say, “You know why!”. Just in case you don’t, please go look at the movie you wrote then you will know.

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